Business Rushnet Solo

Business Rushnet Solo high-speed internet-only*

Rushnet high-speed internet-only* provides you with ultra-fast download speeds so you can access the online content you want, whenever you want it. With Venture, you get access to affordable rates starting at just $118.95 a month. Uncertain which speed is right for you? We're here to help. Read more about the details of each below or contact us.

*No phone line required. Installation fees may apply. 

How much speed do I need?

The faster the internet connection, the more you'll be able to do without interruption. 

250 Mbps Up + Down - $118.95

Have multiple devices connecting to your Business network at once? Our 250 megabits per second connection will keep all of your business running at optimal performance.

500 Mbps Up + Down - $190.95

Perfect for larger businesses with multiple high-bandwidth internet users. 

1 Gigabit per Second Up + Down - $290.95

Supreme speed for the ultimate online experience for biggest business. Enjoy the speed of the future now!