NEW!! MYChoice Cable TV Stampede E-Line Package

Freedom to choose your Channels.

Enjoy the all new MYChoice Cable TV Foundation Line-Up, Rushnet high-speed internet, and emergency line service starting as low as $84.00*. (Must also choose one additional line-up). 

Select at least one line-up below to complete your package or add as many line-ups as you like!  

And if you want to add more to your TV experience, we offer several customization's:

Rushnet high-speed internet

Get high-speed internet access with speeds up to 50 Mbps up/down or customize your Pak with more speed:

Emergency Line

With our E-Line services, you’ll receive:

  • 911 Capabilities
  • 10 minutes outgoing calling
  • 500 minutes incoming calling

Available to residential customers only. 

*This fee does not include local, state & federal charges or long distance calling. Available to residential customers only. It is necessary to have dial tone service or a data fee to subscribe to Digital Cable TV or Rushnet services.

**Activation fees may apply.

Take Advantage of the NEW!! MYChoice Cable TV Stampede E-Line Package and sign up today.

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