DVR Suite

DVR Suite

Get a special discount when you get these services together in our DVR suite:

  • DVR

  • Whole-Home DVR

DVR Suite: $7.99 per month

DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

DVR gives you the power to record any TV program with the touch of a button—and watch it whenever you want. Rewind live TV to see what you missed. Pause it to snag a drink. Replay the funny parts as many times as you like. You’re in complete control of your TV experience.

Step up to Whole Home DVR for the ultimate DVR experience. This unique service lets you share recorded programs throughout your home. Watch one recorded show in your living room while your kids watch a different one downstairs, or start watching a show in your kitchen and finish it in the living room. It’s just one more way we’ve made it possible for you to control your TV experience.

DVR: $5.99 per month
Whole-Home DVR*: additional $2.99 per month

*You must have DVR to have Whole-Home DVR.

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