Additional Features

Take your plan from basic to robust.

We offer several great telephone features for both home and business.

Fees may apply for some features.

Call Forwarding

If you know where you’re going to be, you can forward your incoming calls to that location, including cellular phones and pagers.

Other call forwarding features can include:

  • Selective Call Forwarding: Enable only your most important calls to be forwarded to you.

  • Call Forward Busy: Forward your phone to another number when your line is busy.

  • Call Forward Remote Access: Forward your phone from any location.

  • Warm Line: A warm line automatically dials a pre-programmed number if the phone is knocked off the hook for more than 30 seconds. This feature is ideal for the elderly, handicapped, or disabled to signal for help without dialing a number.

Call Screening

You can choose whether or not to answer the phone when you already know who’s on the other line with these features.

  • Caller ID: The number of the person calling you is displayed before you answer.

  • Distinctive Ringing: Great for houses with teenagers or roommates, distinctive ringing allows you to have a second phone number with a single phone line. When called, this second phone number has its own unique ring. It’s like having a second line at a fraction of the cost.

  • Selective Distinctive Ringing: Create a list of numbers, each with its own distinctive ring.

  • Selective Call Acceptance: Block all calls except for those on a select list that you create.

  • Selective Call Rejection: Block all calls on a select list that you create.

  • Anonymous Call Rejection: Automatically reject all callers who have chosen to block their numbers from being displayed on your Caller ID device.

  • Caller ID Blocking: Prevent your number from showing up on some else’s Caller ID display.

Extra Listings

Add additional listings to the white pages of your local phone book, even with a single line. Perfect for teenagers, roommates, and home-based businesses.

800 Service

Get a business or personal 800 number.

Long-Distance Services

Make long-distance calls both in and out of the state. Check out our Long Distance Plans or contact us for more information.

Non-Listed Number

You can choose to keep your number unlisted (that is, out of the local white pages). However, please note that your number will still be available through directory assistance.

Non-Published Number

Your number will neither be listed in the local white pages nor be given out through directory assistance.

Second Line

A second telephone line with its own telephone number and listing can be a great idea for the kids, a fax or modem line, or a separate home business line.

Call Restrictions 900# Call Block

We can block calls to 900 toll numbers to protect your children from solicitation and you from unexpected charges. We are pleased to provide this service free of charge.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Certain telephone features require you to have a PIN. Call us to establish or change your PIN whenever you like.

1+ Bulk Restriction

This feature allows you to set your phone to either allow toll calls or not allow toll calls, like an on/off switch.

Complete Toll Restriction

No toll calls can be made when this restriction is activated, which can be useful when you can’t control the toll calls originating from your phone. (You are, however, still able to make 800 toll-free calls.)

Number Retention Rate

Preserve your current phone number when you are going to be away for an extended time (e.g., over the winter or the summer). You’ll pay a reduced monthly rate while you’re away, your phone number will remain the same, and your phone will only be capable of making 911 calls.

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